Sophia Circles


A life-changing journey through the sacred text of The Sophia Code


Explore the teachings and initiations of The Sophia Code, guided by Louise, the Divine Feminine Masters and your own Higher Self

The Sophia Code is a living transmission and sacred text for activating your Higher Self embodiment in your human form.

Enjoy the support of an intimate group as you explore the revelations and initiations offered by the keycode mentors:
Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman and the Sophia Dragons.

 At each circle we meditate together and take turns to read aloud from the text.
Your voice is a potent activator of your divinity and speaks directly to your DNA. 

We also journal in response to the teachings and share our pearls of insight with the group.
The journaling prompts support you to apply the revelations of the text to your daily life. 

Are you ready to discover your divinity?

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I am so glad that I joined the Sophia Circles with Louise. It is such a beautiful process and I felt held by Louise and the energy of the group, in a non-judgmental space. I also felt really held and mentored by the Ascended Masters, which has surprised me most because I didn’t expect that to occur. I feel excited about the growing loving awareness in my life.

Sandra H., Australia