Special Events, Workshops & Programs with Louise


From time to time Louise also offers music events, voice workshops, retreats and group programs.

If you would like to host a workshop or event at your home, workplace or as part of a retreat, please email Louise to discuss your needs or call +61 417 244 978. Louise is an experienced facilitator and can offer events ranging from a 1 hour voice class or sound healing to an entire weekend retreat with meditation, group healing and reflection, voice practices, singing, sound healing and more.

Visit the Circles page for details of her Full Moon and New Moon Meditation and Sound Healing groups in the Illawarra, plus the online Voices of Light Global Gatherings, held at full moon each month via Zoom.

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Healing Voice Class/Workshop

Explore the healing power of your own voice and the joy of song and sound. You will feel uplifted, joyful and re-energised with a new confidence in your own voice. Includes toning, simple songs and chants, harmony singing, rhythm, sound healing and simple practices to clear the fears and doubts around sharing your voice.

From 1 hour to 1 day. Contact Louise to find out more.


Chanting & Harmonium -


Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) is an integral part of yoga and is becoming increasingly popular. The vibration of sound is a swift and powerful way to centre the mind, energise the body and open the heart. Learn how to open up your own voice with simple toning practices and mantras and play basic chants on the harmonium.

From 1 hour to 1 day. Contact Louise to find out more.

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Authentic Voice, Authentic You

Would you like to feel confident to express your voice freely in all situations and with all people? To discover how to use your inner and outer voice to create your reality? To be able to express your authentic self fully?
This enjoyable program helps you to do just that.

6 x 1 hr classes / One day workshop. Contact Louise.


Opening to Light Language (El le ma)

Light language is a channelled transmission of powerful light codes for healing and empowerment. It can be expressed through voice, movement, scripting and art. In this program Louise shares simple practices to help you access and utilise your own soul language as well as angelic, galactic and earth languages.
6 x 1 hr classes / One day workshop. Contact Louise.