Meditation and Sound Healing


Relax and Replenish at Full Moon and New Moon

Taking time to meditate and tune into the cycles of nature helps you release stress and stay centred.

The moon governs the tides of the planet and we are also influenced by the ebb and flow of its light. 

New Moon is the perfect time to connect to your inner guidance and set powerful intentions for the month ahead.

Full Moon is an opportunity to illuminate hidden aspects of your life, celebrate yourself and amplify your energy.

Enjoy guided meditation practices and a soothing sound bath with drum, chimes, bowls and light language.

Held at 8pm Sydney time in-person in Helensburgh, on the closest Monday to the new or full moon.
(Note that during lockdowns, meditation will switch to online via Zoom).


Monday 17 January (Full Moon), Monday 31 January  (New Moon) 
Monday 14 February (Full Moon), Monday 28 February  (New Moon)
Monday 14 March (Full Moon), Monday 28 March (New Moon) 
Monday 18 April (Full Moon), Monday 2 May  (New Moon)
Monday 16 May (Full Moon), Monday 30 May  (New Moon) 
Monday 13 June (Full Moon), Monday 27 June  (New Moon)
Monday 11 July (Full Moon), Monday 25 July  (New Moon) 
Monday 8 August (Full Moon), Monday 29 August  (New Moon)
Monday 12 September (Full Moon), Monday 26 September  (New Moon) 
Monday 10 October (Full Moon), Monday 25 October (New Moon)
Monday 7 November (Full Moon), Monday 21 November  (New Moon) 
Monday 5 December (Full Moon), Monday 19 December  (New Moon)


Since attending one of Louise’s full moon meditations and receiving profound insights, I am now living my true life calling.
Louise’s meditations are totally life-changing.

Lucy L., Australia


Louise is truly blessed with a wonderful gift that she humbly shares with others - she is able to tap into a "light language" which just pours from her, lyrically and fluently, and seems to resonate like a gong within your mind and body. As this beautiful sound was released in the room, it freed emotions from some of the women gathered together. It was a very powerful experience. 

Karen B., Australia