Soul  Mentoring with Louise


Let's dive deep and fly high together.

Receive potent karmic clearings and energy activations to launch you into your highest soul expression and service. 

What is Soul Mentoring?

In a Soul Mentoring journey we create sacred space for transformation where you can clear karmic residues and conditioning that have placed veils over your natural magnificence.

You reclaim your sovereignty and authority, activate your authentic voice and unleash the unique light codes that are yours to share.

You reconnect to the natural state of joy, creativity and flow that is your birthright.

How do we work together?

Soul Mentoring is a combination of potent 1:1 clearings and activations, plus curated resources to support your progress between sessions.

I draw from a range of modalities including intuitive channelling, compassion-based karmic clearing, energy repatterning, EFT, light language activations and voice work.

I also offer customised meditations, activations and practices to enhance your journey. 


Is it right for you?

Soul Mentoring is for you if you know your life is not a true reflection of all that you are. It's for you if you have gifts and truth to share but you know you're hiding out of fear or doubt.

It's for you if you know you're here to lead change, create a legacy of love and fulfill your mission as a light leader and conscious creator.

It's for you if you're ready to own who you truly are and what you came here to do. 

If you're feeling the call and you're ready to commit to yourself, please get in touch. 

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I felt amazing after my first session. I haven’t laughed so much in ages!
And I could see an innocence in my eyes that hadn’t been there for ages too.
I slept like a baby that night. I feel LIGHT. Can’t wait to continue.

Sandra H., Australia

Expand into your greatest self

EMBODY: Choose to be in your body and engage fully with earthly life. Heal past trauma and resistance to physicality.

EMPOWER: Reclaim your sovereignty and creative power. Heal fears of misusing your power or being persecuted for it.

EXPRESS: Share your unique soul signature frequency and your authentic voice. Clear fears of being rejected or silenced.

ELEVATE: Step into your authority and leadership as you inspire and elevate others through your wisdom and gifts.

ENDOW: Build your legacy of love and light through inspiring creations that will impact others beyond your lifetime. 

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