Meet Your Soul Mentor

 Louise Charman-James

I share my soul signature to help you share yours. 

I am a sound and light channel, soul mentor, sacred singer and author.

Authentic Voice Activation

As a light language channel, I flow my love and light through my voice and my creations to fully activate the light and creative power within you. I understand the fears of being fully seen and heard as your authentic self and I'm here to help you share your voice and your gifts with joy, freedom and confidence. 

Embodiment & Empowerment

I am a Keeper of Light Signatures and I help you to express the unique light signature you carry within your soul, through the vehicle of your human body. I believe that we are here to fully embody and express our divine power in human form, co-creating heaven on earth by being our most authentic, empowered selves.

Leadership & Legacy

Since 2011 I have facilitated deep transformation for groups and individuals through 1:1 healing and mentoring sessions, workshops, retreats, group programs, sound journeys, books and songs. I can support you to create your own inspiring legacy of love and light and joyfully serve those you are here to lead.

Let me help you share your glorious gifts in this lifetime.


Louise arrived into the terrain of my life with perfect timing. Through her facilitation I have re-collected and integrated fragmented aspects of my soul/psyche that were creating great suffering in my life. In every session Louise met me where I was at with graceful guidance. Her ability to navigate the realms of multidimensionality and the tender pathways of the heart is a testament to her own level of integration. I have expanded into more of my true, brilliant nature and more ease of flow. I am grateful. Thank you Louise!

Christine B., New Mexico, USA.

Everything that has been coming up was cleared on a deep level during my session with Louise. She truly embodies compassion with her work. It felt so gentle and powerful to have these big epiphanies and breakthroughs. If you’re ready for true transformation and creating a NEW life free from old patterns, Louise is a powerful space holder, especially for women.

Yolanda A., Sedona, USA.

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