Soul  Thrive Mastery 


Thrive as your soulful self in dynamic community.

      Embody daily habits that create clarity, confidence and connection on your soul path.

'Our first gathering has already shifted something. Honestly, I just realised how stuck I am in my daily routine, when we talked about it yesterday. No wonder I can't create and restart my projects that have been laying there since the beginning of this year. So many other things have been more important. But the time is ripe. That is why I am here, with you all, together we shift things!'

- Christina P., Switzerland

'Just a wonderful program!! I have enjoyed the last ten weeks and I am looking forward to doing it all again.'

- Mel.N., Australia

'I feel so much more centred and feel like I have regained my direction. My health is improving and so is my mindset. I'm kinder to myself and am taking action on what matters. Thank you.'

- Kim W., Australia

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Easeful Living in Body and Soul

Our lives are the compound interest of what we do each day. Mastering daily practices that keep you in alignment with the planet, your human body and your purpose is vital to sustain you on your soul path.

We cannot realise our dreams nor truly serve others if we are depleted, disorganised or distracted. Self-care and sovereignty are at the heart of your creativity, contribution and commitment - both to yourself and to those you are here to impact with your unique gifts. 

Soul Thrive Mastery helps you learn and embody daily practices from ancient yogic wisdom and modern quantum creation to design a healthy, purposeful and enriching life that is an authentic reflection of you. 

Time and Space to Evolve

Knowing what you need to do and actually doing it are different things. Enjoy support to integrate the daily habits of thrive, one day at a time, for real, sustained results.  

1. EXPLORE: Clarify your goals, learn the habits of body thrive and soul thrive and become an engaged, dynamic group member.

2.  EMBRACE: Start to integrate the habits and principles in your life and notice the impact on your energy, time and focus. 

3. EMBED: Enjoy the rewards of greater confidence, motivation and taking aligned, easeful action towards your goals.

4. EMBODY: Celebrate your achievements and master easeful living in all areas of your life. Enjoy showing up fully as your authentic self.

Soul-Aligned Community

Staying committed to your own authentic expression and taking action towards your goals can sometimes feel isolating and hard, particularly when others around you may not be in the same space of soul expansion. 

In the Soul Thrive Mastery Program, you not only experience the support of dynamic, like-hearted community each week, but have repeated opportunities to show up in your own authentic expression.

This builds confidence, a sense of belonging and the courage to share who you know you are truly here to be.

No more struggle, doubt and isolation - simply the joy of following your authentic soul path in a growth-oriented, aligned community. 


What do you need to fully thrive in your life? 

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  Soul Thrive Mastery is right for you if:

  • You want more energy and focus to attain your goals
  • You want to build a firm foundation of vibrant health
  • You want to design your life for your success
  • You want to create with more ease and flow
  • You want to serve by sharing your unique gifts
  • You want to create a soul-aligned career 
  • You want to build confidence in your voice 
  • You want to be an empowered leader
  • You want the support of dynamic community
  • You want to thrive as your most radiant self

  Enjoy group support plus 1:1 coaching:

  • 10-week cycle to learn and practise the habits of thrive
  • Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching/clearing sessions with Louise
  • Bonus workshops and guest speakers
  • Bonus Seven-Day Reset Program
  • Access to the Soul Thrive resource hub
  • Access to the Body Thrive resource hub
  • Private Online Group for support & accountability 
  • Accountability partnerships
  • Bonuses worth over $1000

Louise is a wonderfully gifted facilitator, full of so much wisdom! I have experienced significant shifts and no longer feel afraid to share my authentic voice. I have been able to confidently take on public speaking engagements that I would never have attempted before. Thank you Louise for helping me to find my voice and my power.

- Jo N., Australia