Global Gathering Replay: Small Shifts for Big Transformation

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VOLGG new cover image.jpg

Global Gathering Replay: Small Shifts for Big Transformation


Receive powerful clearings and light language activations to help you stay focused on the important details of your life. The transmissions in this recording include:
- clearings and activations for your heart, throat and 3rd eye for clarity of focus and speech
- clearing of disappointment and hopelessness from your heart and inner child
- a golden infusion of confidence and entitlement in your solar plexus
- clearing of ancestral restrictions preventing you from taking the next step on your path
- clearing of your creation gateway at the sacral and base so you can be free to create
- alignment of your will with your heart so you can truly back yourself in your daily actions
- forgiveness for the times you have turned away from the impulses of your heart
- ignition and expansion of your golden pillar and diamond chakras
- concentration of your light into a laser heart focus to lead you to the next step for you

Duration: 47mins

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