Global Gathering Replay: Revealing The Truth of Yourself

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VOLGG new cover image.jpg

Global Gathering Replay: Revealing The Truth of Yourself


In this powerful call we explore why we don’t feel safe to reveal our true selves to others and receive a series of potent clearings and light language activations including:

  • lifting the veils of perceived separation between ourselves and others

  • dissolving the defences around the sacral, heart and higher heart

  • healing distrust of others and imprints of betrayal, persecution and rejection

  • clearing at the throat of memories of being shut down for expressing our truth

  • activation of our third eye to transmit a clear signal and discern truth in others

  • restoration of the full ‘voltage’ of our light at the solar plexus 

  • re-activation of the light in all of the chakras in our central column

  • clearing of fears that revealing our truth will do harm to others

  • a healing of deep compassion from Quan Yin 

    Receive the transmissions as many times as you wish. You will receive further upgrades to your energy with each listening.

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