Global Gathering - Moving From Pain Into Play

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VOLGG new cover image.jpg

Global Gathering - Moving From Pain Into Play


Join Louise for a powerful channelled healing journey and light language activations, including:

  • a journey into the stars with your star family to help you release all past experiences of enslavement and oppression upon the earth

  • a heart healing from Mother Mary and Quan Yin for experiences where you closed your heart due to fear and disappointment

  • reclaiming your trust and belief in your own authority and power, using your own voice to speak words of power

  • an activation of your solar plexus and extension of your power throughout your body

  • the creation of your own ‘heart garden’ and a powerful interaction with your own inner child and with the star children

  • calling in the souls with whom you will co-create playful and inspiring experiences in the world

  • embodying the energy of celebration and co-creation on the earth right now

    You can receive these transmissions again at any time to receive a further upgrade to your energy.

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