7 Week Program with Louise Charman-James
Accredited Sound & Light Channel

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Light Language is soul to soul communication. It is the way of the future. It is a gift that all of humanity can access as we remember ourselves as multi-dimensional beings of love and light. 

‘I truly valued my time with Louise: the powerful transmissions of light, the clear and precise modules, adding to them through the weeks, all her beautiful weekly guests to broaden my tool kit. Such a beautiful course! I felt respected, guided and loved. Thank you Louise.’ 
— Vicki

Do you yearn to step into the fullness and power of who you truly are at a soul level?

Do you know that you are here to make a positive difference on the planet at this time?

Would you like to:

- transform your life by learning how to channel healing frequencies from the higher realms? 

- unlock your multidimensional abilities and soul gifts and freely express them in this lifetime?

- connect deeply to the love, light and wisdom that is in you and allow it to flow freely through your voice and body?

- open and expand your capacity as a healer and channel, powerfully remembering your soul mission and other incarnations as a spiritual leader and healer?

Light Language is soul-to-soul communication at the deepest level.
It is a transmission of divine love, light and wisdom to support humanity’s ascension into the highest embodiment and expression of our divinity here on earth. 

I am an Accredited Sound and Light Channel who has worked with individuals and groups since 2013, empowering them to express their own unique soul gifts and divine calling. Since awakening to my channelling abilities, my life has transformed at all levels. I have had to overcome my own fears of being seen and heard as a channel, and now I am ready to support you to open to the treasure trove of gifts that lie within your multi-dimensional self. 

Join me for this interactive and exploratory journey of your soul’s calling and highest gifts, through an expanded container of light language activations and channelled support. You will be mentored and activated within yourself to reclaim these powerful gifts and to embody your most expanded being in this physical incarnation. 

This program is for you if:

- You already have some experience of channelling light language but would like support to open more fully, offer your gifts more widely and deepen your understanding of the process

- You already have healing or channelling gifts and sense that light language is wanting to activate through you but feel cautious, doubtful or fearful about your ability to channel it

- You are on the journey of awakening to your spiritual gifts, feel a strong resonance with light language and would like to explore your own ability to channel it

Watch the video below to get a sense of whether this program is right for you.

A powerful light language transmission came through to support you to know at a soul level if this is aligned for you and to help you to take the next step if so. As you'll see in the video, I felt quite emotional at the end of the transmission as I could really feel how much joy and power there is for all of us to discover as we journey through the program together. 

This will be a small, intimate group of around 8 people.  If you are ready for this deep transformation, please fill in the form below and we can begin this extraordinary journey together. If it resonates but you have questions you would like to discuss first, please submit the form and request an exploratory call with me.  

It is a pleasure to serve you in this expanded capacity as we are all awakening as a collective, sharing and aligning our spiritual gifts. The time is now!

O ma le ka ma tu me ha na ke la. 

The truth you seek is within you. 

Love and Light



Louise Charman-James (Eshahni Karalia Sheehan)
Accredited Sound and Light Channel
Keeper of Light Signatures
Certified Compassion Key and EFT Practitioner

‘I absolutely loved the course. It was very thorough and Louise was amazingly supportive of us all and our journey. Having experienced everything we were going through herself firsthand, I felt very nurtured and that I had permission, which was great for my critical personality, to allow whatever wanted to come through, and quietened my perfectionism which allowed me to really let loose. This was very important for me to get the most out of the course. I am eternally grateful to Louise, both for my personal journey and her commitment to offering this work as healing for the planet.
— Chantelle

program Overview

7 x weekly group calls (Zoom) with recordings (attend live or listen later)
Live call dates: tbc
Option of 3 additional 1:1 private sessions (45 mins via Zoom)
Private Facebook group for questions, feedback and additional support
Weekly livestreams with further support and Q&A
Bonus interviews with experienced light language channels
Focused individual and group support - limited number of participants


Gain a thorough understanding of light language
Discover how it benefits you, others and the Earth (Gaia) 
Learn how to connect to your Higher Self and loving Light Beings
Clear resistance to opening to your multidimensional gifts
Clear fears around sharing light language with others
Develop the confidence to channel freely for yourself and others
Learn how to use light language to enhance and uplift every aspect of your life


1. Introduction to Light Language, Multidimensionality and Higher Self Connection
2. Opening to Channel - Foundation Practices
3. Clearing Resistance to Channelling - Aspect Healing
4. Light Language Practices 1 - Earth Connection
5. Light Language Practices 2 - Angelic Connection
6. Light Language Practices 3 - Galactic Connection
7. Scripting Light Language and Bonus Q&A


You have two options:
$997(AUD) for the group program (approximately $750 USD) 
$1997(AUD) for the group program plus 3 x 45min private sessions over Zoom to support you on your journey of opening to light language (approximately $1500 USD).

A deposit of $197(AUD) secures your place. Payment plans available on request.
Please note there are only 6 spots available for the private session packages. 

If you would like a free exploratory call with me please complete the registration form at the bottom of the page and request a call there.


You have the option to pay by:
1. Transfer: Soul Signature, BSB 012299, Acct. 292540446 (put LL and your name as reference)
2. Credit Card or PayPal: Click below to pay securely by credit card or PayPal.


Click on the button below to submit your details and register for the program. 

You will be sent information nearer the time about how to access the calls, replays and bonus interviews. Thank you.