Thank you for being the unique soul that you are.

Please enjoy my Gratitude Gift, a download of two light language transmissions to connect you to your greater self. 
Take a quiet moment to sit or lie down and breathe deeply as you receive the transmissions into your being.

The first is a Heartsong Transmission to open your heart so you can fall in love with yourself and all that is.


The second is an Earthsong journey with frame drum and voice to ground you deeply into your life here on earth, so you can live your life to the fullest and feel safe to express your soul gifts in this lifetime. 


I hope you enjoy the tracks and I would love your feedback about your experience of listening to them. 
You can post comments on the Soul Signature Facebook page, email me at or call 0417 244 978.

And if you would like to experience a private sound and light healing with me, please give me a call.
I would love to support you to clear whatever is holding you back from your soul's fullest expression in the world. 


Thank you and have a beautiful day. 

Love, Light and Gratitude

Louise Charman-James
Sound and Light Channel