Authentic Voice
Authentic You

Are you ready to express the truth of your authentic self?


This powerful program of guided processes and light language activations will help you to clear fear and doubt and access the creative power of your own voice, so you can freely express your authentic self in every aspect of your life. 

Louise is an experienced sound healer, singer, therapist and meditation teacher who uses channelled sound and a range of healing tools to help her clients and students become whole and empowered.

During this enjoyable program you will:

- Be gently guided to explore what has been holding back your full self-expression in your life

- Be supported to clear fears, doubts and memories of being shut down, silenced or punished for speaking your truth

- Discover your voice as a tool for creative manifestation, spiritual connection and healing through speech, song and sound

- Learn how to monitor and transform your inner and outer voices through meditation and journaling

- Receive powerful guided practices and light language activations to support you to open your authentic voice

What you will receive:

- Six audio classes (1 hour each) to listen to in your own time

- Reflection questions and exercises to deepen your understanding and experience of the class content

- Membership of a private Facebook community group where you can post questions and access additional support

- Additional resources such as guided meditations and voice practices to do in your own time


  1. Inner Voice - Learn to identify the voices in your head which are running your life. Clear out negative belief programs and connect with the authentic voice of your heart and soul. 
  2. Outer Voice - What comes out of your mouth in relationship to others? Learn how to be responsible for your own truth and not get triggered or shut down by the responses of others. 
  3. Creative Voice - Your voice is a powerful tool of creation and transformation. Learn how to affirm what you desire and have your word create your world. Open your channel to connect to your higher self guidance and speak from that place. 
  4. Healing Voice - Voice has been used for millennia as a healing tool. Explore the power of mantra, toning and light language to bring about healing and transformation at the deepest level. 
  5. Empowered Voice - How to use your voice to make a positive change in the world and become a leader through the fearless expression of your truth. 
  6. Completion and Review - This class reviews the content of the previous sessions and guides you through the full chakra toning process discussed in Class 4. 



The course helped me to realise that expressing my voice, my feelings, my thoughts and showing myself as I am is the only way to connect to myself, to love myself fully. It opened a door to releasing old baggage around self-expression and around the fear of being seen and judged while doing so. It also helped me decide to really embrace my gifts as healer and Light Language channel! It helped me make the decision to share my voice, regardless of it being ‘beautiful’ or not, and to allow my being to become the vessel of Light it came here to be! I truly enjoyed every session, and despite it being an online course, I could feel the presence and the support of Louise and of the group around me all the time. This course is a safe container where you can open yourself fully, and be sure you will be held and seen for who you are. ’ 

Louise is a wonderfully gifted facilitator, full of so much wisdom! She took us on an inner journey of understanding where and why we have blockages and gave us creative tools to move past our old patterns and wounds. She held the group in a deeply loving and nurturing space as we journeyed together, each week building on the learnings and tools from the previous week. We were taken on guided meditations to help open up our energies to receive the powerful light language channelings. By the third week, I was feeling significant shifts in the way I was able to speak my truth and bring myself into greater empowerment in my interactions. This program popped up at the perfect time and was everything and more that I wanted it to be. The opportunity to awaken my authentic voice is a huge piece in my reclaiming of my feminine potency. Thank you Louise for weaving your magic. Forever grateful. 



The program is $297 AUD. 

  • Make your payment via one of the methods listed below. (Payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person or used as credit towards another service or product with Louise). 
  • If you have chosen the option which includes the discounted private session, please call 0417 244 978 or email Louise to arrange a suitable time for your session.



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